Totem for cash deposits, customizable and it can be integrated into the customer’s systems.

The Totem is equipped with a 10” color touch screen, inclined at 30° with a clear interface, customizable and extremely user friendly.

The system accepts deposits and/or payments in banknotes of any denomination (configurable via software) and issues a receipt for the payment/payment made.



Aditum Cashbox can be equipped with a wide variety of equipment, to allow maximum adaptability to every need.

Front reading of barcode and QR code, also from smartphone or tablet

Front reading of RFID, MIFARE, BLE, BLUETOOTH, NFC devices for cards or mobile phones

Emission and/or reading of tickets on thermal paper in different formats, customizable on request

POS payment for any type of electronic card, with contactless module

Additional module to communicate with an operator to request assistance

Additional module for video communication via calls by the intercom