As a fundamental part of Aditum family, there are the multifunction automated Totems, characterized by a unique style and functionality. All the Totems of Aditum family also have an ergonomic shape that best suites the body of each user, offering a simple use for people with disabilities.

Aditum Info

Device to provide any kind of information within the installation context.


Aditum Cashbox

Device for cash deposit, customizable and can be integrated into customers’ system.


Aditum Priority

Queue priority assignment device.


In addition we offer ADITUM PEOPLE SCAN, a device able to detect body temperature with two different solutions:

  • Bullet Solution – wall
  • Dome Solution – ceiling.

Another interesting device is ADITUM PEOPLE FACE, it allows both the detection of body temperature and the mask on the users’ face, entering the shop.