The counter devices ADITUM PEOPLE COMPACT, PASS and AREA are able to regulate people flow in common areas and thus avoiding crowds.

It can be installed in different areas such as canteens, toilets, meeting rooms, waiting rooms and entrance halls connected to turnstiles or doors, to regulate opening and closing.

It is a useful tool to save time on personnel control and to precisely and effectively regulate the number of people entering and exiting.


Adtum Gate is the specific software for access control and management, through a wide choice of user recognition technologies, with authorizations, personal data and statistical data. It can be integrated with customer’s management system and it is able to control external devices, such as turnstiles or doors, making the access completely automated and tracked.

To automate visitors’ registration process, Aditum Gate can also provide for the installation of totem with a modern and refined design that offers wide customization possibilities and it can be used both in public and private offices, to provide information to users through its user-friendly touch screen.

Furthermore, it is a queue eliminator particularly suitable for those public offices, clinics, etc. which need to manage queues by issuing numbered tickets.


In addition we offer ADITUM PEOPLE SCAN, a device able to detect body temperature with two different solutions:

  • Bullet Solution – wall
  • Dome Solution – ceiling.

Another interesting device is ADITUM PEOPLE FACE, it allows both the detection of body temperature and the mask on the users’ face, entering the offices.