ADITUM INFO: an essential tool for the citizen, it is a totem with a special rounded and elegant shape, “a window… on information” to provide specific and detailed information about the Municipality/city, list of hotels, restaurants, shops, pharmacy on duty, map, organized events, parking, public offices hours, etc. through its large touch screen.



ADITUM PEOPLE COMPACT, PASS and AREA people counter is able to adjust the flow of people in and out of multiple gates, in municipal offices, avoiding crowds.

The devices are connected to each other (also possible connection to turnstiles/doors) no centralized server needed.

At the entrance the visitors will be counted when enter and when exit from the same or another gate, they will be reduced by the maximum number permit and will be allowed entry to other users/customers.

The system can be connected to external devices such as traffic lights, LCD panels/monitors, alarms, doors, turnstiles to inform the user and adjust the access (maximum number of people permit in an area, how many people are inside and how many are still allowed).

Useful tool that saves on the control staff and to accurately and effectively adjust the number of people in and out.

Inside the municipal offices, especially in the areas such as offices open to the public, toilets, etc. ADITUM PEOPLE AREA can be installed, able to detect the number of people present in that area to avoid to exceed the number of people allowed inside.


In addition we offer ADITUM PEOPLE SCAN, a device able to detect body temperature with two different solutions:

  • Bullet Solution – wall
  • Dome Solution – ceiling.

Another interesting device is ADITUM PEOPLE FACE, it allows both the detection of body temperature and the mask on the users’ face, entering the public administration offices or in a square with limited access.