The Aditum system deals with the management of interviews with prisoners.

ADITUM CASH TOTEM:  a useful, modern and design totem for immediate and practical money deposit y to the prisoners.

Prisoners’ relatives deposit cash through the Totem avoiding any physical contact with the Jail staff, thus ensuring a greater “safety” and a considerable saving of time of the employees involved in this service.

Easy to use, practical and fast, it does not require any special predisposition for the installation, it is the turnkey Totem that saves time and meets the needs of each Jail.

It is installed on the floor, fixed or in simple support, with 220V power supply and network cable. Manageable from any PC with the convenient and intuitive Web interface. Completely Plug&play (connect and use)!


Aditum Jail is the specific software for the control and management of the access inside Jails, through the use of user recognition technologies with the highest security level as possible.


In addition we offer ADITUM PEOPLE SCAN, a device able to detect body temperature with two different solutions:

  • Bullet Solution – wall
  • Dome Solution – ceiling.

Another interesting device is ADITUM PEOPLE FACE, it allows both the detection of body temperature and the mask on the users’ face, entering the jails.